Cattedrale di Sant’Agata

Cathedral rises in Piazza Duomo in the historic center of the city, also simply called “Duomo” by the citizens of Catania, a sacred place dedicated to the Virgin and Patroness of Catania, Sant’Agata.

The current building is the work of the architect Girolamo Palazzotto, who he took care of the interiors, while Giovanni Battista Vaccarini carried out the façade works that continued from 1734 to 1761 with a dome project never completed.

The temple was destroyed and rebuilt several times: the first time dating back to the 1078-1094 period and built on ruins of the Achillian Baths at the behest of Count Ruggero and the last time following the earthquake of 1693 which struck the Val di Noto and completely destroyed the building, leaving only the apse and the façade standing. honor of the Patron Saint, Sant’Agata, in the days of 3-4-5 February and 17 August, celebrations for the anniversary of the return of the remains agatine from Costantinop oils.